Adriana Mihailescu

Frontend Developer

About me

About me

Hello! I'm Adriana, a London based Frontend developer

Previously a sales person, now turned web developer , making websites better,prettier , one line of  code at a time. What started as a hobby or as a play if you want, shortly became really serious. Back in 2020 I discovered my passion for web development, besides the passion for online gaming(these two do go well hand-in-hand).

While I was still working, I started  to learn computer programming, Javascript, with freeCodeCamp and a few Udemy courses.

I've then discovered React. My Reaction was I needed to wrap my head around React Hooks , React-Redux and React Context so that today, I am able to write reusable components and so much more(just to keep it short!)

Understanding the cool things I can build with CSS or SASS, I started experimenting with various libraries such as Styled Components or Material UI, and got really interested in web animations(Not an easy one, I tell yah!).

Because I like new, innovative things, I’ve built this website, not your usual experience, just a heads up!

Today, a self-taught Frontend Developer,with sales and Marketing background, using Javascript, React and various libraries that leverage unique techniques, I develop web applications and websites from the ground up. That I can prove!

Don’t be a stranger, if you have something to say or need (website or an app), just drop me a line in the Contact section!

My projects

My projects

Some of my projects

  • Drum Machine

    Drum Machine
  • Robofriends

  • Clock-Five

    Javascript|React|Material UI|Redux
  • Simply Recipes

    Simply Recipes
  • Personal website

    Personal website
    Gatsby|React|Styled components|Contentful



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